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For Medical Gas Pipelines / VRV / Air Conditioning

NANDAFLOW Copper Tubes for Hospital/ Medical Gas pipeline systems 

NANDAFLOW Copper Pipes for medical gas piping that can withstand high pressure and corrosion. These pipes are extremely durable, easy to install and meet the various standards for medical gas piping applications. These copper gas pipes offer a seamless fit and are brazed together to form a gas-tight. The NANDAFLOW copper pipes are 100% safe, require less maintenance and offer trouble free performance for years. These pipes meet the international standards.

Medical gas pipeline system for hospitals :
Now-a-days a centralized MGPS system is required by all hospitals. It is mandatory in critical places like OT, ICU. CCU and Nursery etc. NANDAFLOW gas pipelines is advantageous over conventional gas cylinders, specially in life saving situations as it is more reliable and ensure a never-ending supply of oxygen or vacuum helping clinician/caregiver to save their patients without concern.

NANDAFLOW meets the mandatory inspection requirements :

Chemical composition :
Made of maximum copper and silver (99.90%) and phosphorous ( min. 0.015%. and max 0.040%).

Carbon Content Test :
Carbon content on the inner surface of the copper tubes and fittings are determined using window based software.

Tensile strength :
Tested for its tensile strength and other norms of the industry. NANDAFLOW pipes are the best in the industry.

Non Destructive test :
Tested for local defects by Eddy current test.

ASTM B68 / ASTM B75 / ASTM B280 / ASTM B88 / JIS H 3300 / EN1057 or BS2871 / IS2501 / Internal Client Specifications.

A) Copper Tubes:
i) BS 2871 Part I : Copper Tubes for water, gas & sanitation
ii) BS EN 1057 : Seamless, round copper tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications
iii) ASTM B 88 : Seamless Copper Water tube

The maximum working pressures al temperature upto 650° C are calculated using the following formula:

P= 20Ft/D-T Where P= maximum working pressure (bar) F=design stress (n/mm2)
T=minimum wall thickness (mm) D=maximum outside diameter (mm)

Tubes installed underground, laid under floors or in other inaccessible places must be able to withstand twice the maximum working pressure. The values of F used in above formula depend upon the condition of the tube and are given below :


Anneoled O, R22046

Half-hard 1/2H.R25060


FLOWRATE Assuming good design practice and installation the maximum recommended flow velocities of oxygenated water at different temperatures are as follows : Maximum recommended flow velocitie.

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