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NANDAMETAL and NANDAFLOW Copper Pipes and Tubes 


Copper Tubes and Pipes for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

The Copper tubes that we manufacture are extensively used in Air conditioning systems. The use of copper tube in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems has grown steadily in recent years. This is in large measure due to the inherent properties of the copper metals and their unique abilities to meet the needs of the ACR industry. Stringent new requirements, including demands for increased operating efficiency and the reduction or elimination of harmful emissions, have led to a new appreciation for copper tube's role in product enhancement.

Products Specifications:

Plain Tubes

Outer Diameter: 4.76mm to 150mm

WT: 0.35mm to 3.0mm

Straight length : Upto 6 MTRS

Pancake Coils Single Layer

Outer Diameter: 4.76mm to 19.05mm

Wall: 0.41mm & 1.24mm

Length: 15 MTRS

Copper Tubes Double Layer Coils

Outer Diameter: 4.76mm to 19.05mm

Wall: 0.41mm & 1.65mm

Length: 15 MTRS & 30 MTRS

Copper Tubes for Water and Gas (NANDAFLOW® Copper Tube)

Copper Tube to BS EN 1057 - R250 (Previous Designation BS 2871: Part 1: Table X) Half Hard Straight. This products is supplied in 3 or 6 meter straight lengths in the half hard condition, an ideal temper for cold bending and forming. Mexflow Tubes can be easily bent on an appropriate bending machine for 6 to 22mm O.D. sizes, with a bending spring. Its ease of manipulating and relatively light weight, combine with its ability to withstand high internal pressure makes "NANDAFLOW" the ideal products for most hot and cold water, central heating and gas services installations.

This is the general-purpose copper tube for above ground services. Ideal for Drinking Water, Central Heating, Sanitation, Hot and Cold Water, Industrial & Medical Gas Transportation, Various Engineering.

Also as per BS EN 1057-R220
(Previous Designation BS 2871: Part 1: Table Y) Supplied as either 6m long half-hard straight lengths, or annealed 25m or 23m long coils. With a wall thickness approximately 1.5 times thicker than "NANDAFLOW", it is the ideal product for underground applications. The extra wall thickness also allows its use on certain pressurized stem installations with maximum working temperature of 65°C. These copper tubes are recommended for use on underground services and are also suitable for: Drinking Water, Central Heating, Sanitation, Gas, Various Engineering Applications.

NANDAFLOW Copper Pipes are available with NANDADLOW fittings for the complete Copper Plumbing solution.

Copper Tubes for General Engineering

Copper Tubes, manufactured by us, can also be used for general engineering. In residential buildings and small one- and two-story commercial buildings, the drainage piping is usually straightforward in design and simple in installation. Type DWV copper tube, installed with good workmanship by an experienced plumber, will provide many years of trouble-free service.

Copper DWV tube has been used successfully for years in all parts of drainage plumbing systems for high-rise buildings-for soil and vent stacks and for soil, waste and vent branches. Copper tube's lightweight and the ease with which it can be prefabricated have been especially important in high-rise drainage systems.

Copper Tubes for General Engineering
B.S. 2871 Part 2/72 C 106
Near Equivalent specification IS 2501/ 77 DHP

Chemical Requirements:

Copper Tube (Incl. Silver): 99.85% Min.

Phosphorus: 0.013 to 0.5%

Total Impurities: 0.06% Max

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